What Are The Benefits of Question Paper Generator Software? Complete Guide

Exams are frequently conducted by the schools, universities and colleges in one academic session. And preparation of question paper for all the exams is found to be tedious. As conducting the exams is a lengthy process, right from the preparation of the question paper to conduction of seamless examination. Hence, to overcome all the problems a solution was required and a software was developed for preparation of question paper and conduction of examination.
Exam generator software with various feature that has ample of benefits. This software has been used by many reputed schools, institutes, universities and coaching institutes as well. It is a tool used for creating different types of question not only for objective or OMR sheet based exams but for theoretical exams. Apart from generating question paper it can be used as question bank where various questions of any discipline can be stored.
Let’s see what the benefits of it are and how it is helpful in smooth conducting of the examination.
Benefits of test paper generator software
  • Eliminates leakage of question paper through this technology
Preparing question paper manually, getting it printed and then delivering it to multiple examination centre is a huge task, time consuming as well as increases logistic charges. But by using this software less time is consumed, no issue of leakage of question paper as well as saves logistic cost. The questions prepared are stored safely in a question bank. And before commencement of the examination the question paper is prepared in a few minutes this avoids leakage of question paper and examination is conducted smoothly.
  • Capacity to store any type of questions
Many schools, colleges and other educational institutes conduct exams frequently like weekly test, daily test, periodic test, annually test and so the preparation of the question paper for each exam becomes difficult. Therefore, to overcome all your problems, this software provides the facility to store end number of questions. One can create group and subgroups according to their own requirement such as topic, chapter, class, module and subject wise.
  • Shuffling of question and generate question paper in bilingual language
In order to avoid cheating shuffling of questions is one the best option. This inbuilt facility of the software has virtually reduced cheating as every student gets different sets of questions. The sets created can be leveled as A1, A2, A3 and A4 etc.
Usually question paper was provided in English language and this created huge problem for the students who were not familiar with English. Hence to overcome this problem, a software that has inbuilt facility to generated question paper in bilingual language was used to generate question paper in different language as language is not the barrier. The question paper can be created in any language except Urdu. This unique option has helped the students to achieve good marks who are not familiar with English language. The test paper contains simple text questions, diagram type question or questions using images and charts.
  • Design to handle all types of question and identifies duplicate question
Paper generator software is designed to handle any type of questions such as multiple choice questions single correct, true or false, fill in the blanks, match the column, statement correction, assertion and reason type, subjective and descriptive type questions.
The software holds the capacity to identify duplicate questions from the question bank and removes it from the bank so that the students get clear set of question paper.
By now one must be aware of the benefits of the automatic paper generator software. With the help of this software educational and coaching institutes have been able to run the entire examination smoothly. It has reduced the efforts required in preparation of the question paper as it has the capacity to hold end number of questions of any discipline. Further shuffling of questions has also reduced the combat of cheating. By using this software one not only creates question paper but can raise the standard of conducting the examination process in your organization.